The UFO Capital of Britain

A UFO is, of course, an unidentified flying object and an area in the north of England is attracting a lot of attention for it’s strange objects in the sky. UFO watchers report seeing a flying saucer landing on a hill near Scarborough before taking off again and disappearing into a nearby forest. There are also claims that a ball of light and black triangles could be seen near some fields and a red light was also seen over the sea before it broke into smaller pieces and disappeared.

A documentary film is currently being made in Scarborough which investigates the existence of aliens. The town is very happy with all the publicity and welcomes people who are hoping to see UFOs in the night sky. A spokesman for the town said that Scarborough is one of the best UFO areas in the country and that many of the town’s fisherman claim to have seen strange things flying over the sea.



a flyer saucer       an alien spaceship shaped like a dish

to take off             to leave the ground (like a plane)

a documentary      a non-fiction film

a spokesman        a person who speaks on behalf of an organisation