The Lion King

The Lion King musical first opened in London in 1999 and it is still running 15 years later. This month it has become the top-earning show of all time.

The stage musical is an adaptation of the well-known 1994 Disney film and it tells the story of Simba, a young lion, who is expected to take over from his father as King. However, when the father is murdered Simba is blames himself and runs away in despair. While he is exile he meets a range of characters before eventually returning to take over the kingdom.

The musical has been an amazing success and has now been seen by 70 million people worldwide. A combination of the moving story, the spectacular costumes and the stunning music and dancing means that the Lion King seems to appeal to almost everyone.


stage                         place where actors perform in a theatre

to blame yourself       to believe that something is your fault

moving                      it affects your emotions

spectacular                impressive

to appeal                    to like