Fish and Chips

A recent study has found that despite the rising popularity of international food such as Chinese and Indian, traditional fish and chips is still Britain’s favourite takeaway meal. The study showed that 39% preferred fish and chips, compared to 33% who opted for noodles and 26% who chose an Indian curry.

Fish and chip shops can be found almost everywhere in Britain. Cod and haddock are the most commonly used fish and the fish are dipped in a batter made from flour and water before they are fried. As the batter cooks it becomes crispy and turns a golden brown colour. Most people put both salt and vinegar on their fish and chips.

Years ago most British people ate fish every Friday, but this habit has become less common. Also, fish and chips used to be wrapped and sold in newspaper but this was stopped for hygiene reasons. Most people agree that fish and chips taste the best when eaten freshly cooked at the seaside.


to opt for something         to choose something

to fry                               to cook in oil

crispy                               crunchy

hygiene                            cleanliness

the seaside                      the coast