The 4 minute mile

Sporting history was made exactly 60 years ago as a young British man became the first man on earth to run a mile in under four minutes. His name was Roger Bannister and he was 25 years old when he did it on a cold, rainy evening in Oxford in 1954.

This historic event was watched by about 3,000 spectators. With strong winds of up to 25 miles per hour Bannister had decided not to run, but the wind dropped just before the race was scheduled to begin, and Bannister changed his mind.

When the race finished and the crowd heard Bannister’s time of 3 min 59.4 seconds, everyone cheered loudly. His time was incredible because he had been working as a doctor and only training in his spare time. However, Bannister’s record only lasted for 46 days as it was beaten by an Australian called John Landy.


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