A famous rock festival

Tickets have just gone on sale for Britain’s most popular rock festival – Glastonbury. It’s a 5 day festival of music, dance, comedy and theatre which takes place every year in the south of England.   It has become the largest outdoor music festival in the world attended by around 175,000 people.

The tickets costing £225 went on sale at 9 am this week and the last 120,000 were sold in just 26 minutes. The line up for the festival hasn’t been announced yet so people have bought the tickets without knowing which bands they are paying to see.

Although the festival is always in the summer, it often rains at this time of year. As well as a tent and camping equipment, festival goers need to take umbrellas, raincoats and some extra clothes to be prepared. The ground often becomes very muddy so brightly coloured festival boots are also an essential item.


 the line up              the list of bands playing

a festival goer           a person going to the festival

muddy                     wet soil