A robber who hid in a tree

A 36 year old man caused chaos recently by climbing up a tree and refusing to come down. The man was a robber who had just tried to break into a computer shop in south London. He caused £1,500 of damage but when the police arrived, he tried to escape on a motorbike which he had stolen a few weeks before.

A police helicopter spotted the man hiding in a garden so he climbed a tree to try to hide. Unfortunately the tree was very close to a busy railway line so for safety reasons 783 trains were cancelled or delayed.

In court the judge called the man ‘stupid and selfish’ and he sent him to prison for 18 months.


to break into                to enter without permission

to spot                         to see by chance

selfish                          someone who only thinks of themselves


Irregular verbs:             steal                stole                stolen

hide                 hid                   hidden