A lucrative new hobby

A man from the English town of St Albans couldn’t believe his luck recently. He decided to try a new hobby and bought a metal detector from a local shop. He then went into a nearby forest to try out his new gadget. After about 20 minutes the detector indicated that there was some metal below the ground so he started to dig. To his surprise, he found 55 gold coins.

When experts returned to the site they found another 104 coins, which date back more than 1,600 years. Examination of the coins revealed that they are Roman and were made in different parts of Europe, including Italy, Germany, France, Turkey and Greece.

The coins will now be sent to the British Museum to find out their value and they will then be sold at an auction. Hopefully the money from the sale will be divided between the man who found them and the owner of the land.


lucrative               something which earns a lot of money

a gadget               a small machine

an auction            a method of selling where buyers bid for a product