Searching for gold

Hundreds of people rushed to the beach in the English town of Folkestone last week. This is because a German artist called Michael Sailstorfer had hidden 30 bars of gold in the sand as part of the town’s art festival.

The bars of gold are each worth either £250 or £500 and the total value is £10,000. Crowds of excited people arrived on the beach early in the morning, including lots of children, with all kinds of tools to help them dig through the sand. Some people even bought metal detectors, hoping the find the gold bars without having to dig.

The company who organised the event said that art does not always have to be a piece of sculpture or a painting. It can be just a moment in time which has a lasting impact on the people who take part in it.


irregular verb:            to hide       hid     hidden

to dig                          to make a hole in the ground

a metal detector          a machine which makes a noise when it is near metal