A new film: Million Dollar Arm

One of the latest cinema releases in the UK is a new film called ‘Million Dollar Arm’. It’s a strange title, but the film is a sports drama based on a true story. Actor Jon Hamm plays the leading role of a sports agent in Los Angeles who is desperately trying to find a new talented baseball player. Surprisingly, he goes to India to find one, a place where millions of people play cricket, not baseball. When he arrives in India he organises a contest where the prize is a professional baseball training contract in the USA.

Million Dollar Arm has received some good reviews from critics who said that the film is well directed and has some good acting performances. The film also has some comedy and romance as well as the main action so it may well be the next box office sensation.


a contest           a competition

a critic               a person who writes film reviews

box office           the place where you buy theatre and cinema tickets