A terrifying camping trip

Camping is usually a chance to get away from it all and to relax in calm, peaceful surroundings. However, a family of six from Ambleside in the north or England had a frightening ordeal. They were spending a week camping with their three children in August and although the weather was dry, the wind was unusually strong. One night they had hardly slept at all so the parents ventured outside early in the morning to make hot drinks for the family. Just as they did this a freak tornado raced across the campsite and caught the tent, rolling it 30 feet across the ground with the children inside. The frantic parents rushed over to find their shocked children lying battered and bruised. Miraculously none of them suffered any major injuries.


an ordeal     an unpleasant experience

freak             not normal

frantic           extremely worried

battered         as if they had been hit

bruised           black/blue marks on skin