A good season for spiders

This autumn experts have said we can expect to see more spiders in our homes than usual. This is because of the recent mild weather which means that there are a lot more insects for spiders to eat. The spiders come inside our homes because they like warm, dark places.

For some people this is bad news as having a fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, is very common. Some people scream or cry or even have trouble breathing when they come into contact with spiders or their webs.

In England we do have some venomous spiders such as the ‘false widow’ spider. These are similar in shape to the famous black widow spiders and are rather sinister-looking with their thick brown legs. However, spider experts say that the species is not usually aggressive towards humans. Being bitten is rare and no one has ever died of a spider bite in the UK.


mild             pleasantly warm

a web           a spider makes this to catch flies

venomous     poisonous

bitten            to bite

past simple: bit

past participle: bitten

sinister          evil and mysterious

rare               not common

thick              opposite of thin