A new play for London’s West End

If you’re in London and fancy a visit to the theatre, you’ll probably head for the West End of London. This is an area known as ‘theatreland’ because it has over 40 theatres in famous streets such as Shaftesbury Avenue and the Strand. Some of the most well known ones are The London Palladium, The Palace Theatre and The Fortune Theatre. These famous London buildings have become an intrinsic part of the city’s culture.

In four days’ time a new play opens at the London Playhouse theatre called ‘Speed The Plow’. The play is a satirical portrayal of the Hollywood film industry and stars the famous American actress Lindsay Lohan. The play was written by David Mamet and was first performed in 1988 in New York. It is described as ‘a high-octane modern classic’.


intrinsic                              essential, important

a plow (UK = plough)           a tool/machine used for farming

high-octane                         fast paced

satirical                                a writing technique