Squirrel on the menu

English people are of course well known for their love of traditional roast beef dinners. However, a different kind of meat is now appearing in some pubs and restaurants. Squirrel was a popular delicacy in the past and now grey squirrel pie is currently enjoying a revival.

Grey squirrels were introduced from America in the 19th century but they are not popular animals in Britain. They are large, tough and aggressive and they carry a virus which is deadly to the smaller, native red squirrels.

Apparently, squirrel meat is dark, low in fat and has a nutty flavour. It is usually slow-cooked before being used for casseroles or pies.


a squirrel         a small mammal with a long bushy tail

a delicacy         food which is thought to be special

a revival          something which is popular

nutty               from nuts

a casserole        a meal cooked in a large dish in the oven