A new role for Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe was only 11 years old when he was first cast as Harry Potter and he starred in the series for ten years. Each of the eight Harry Potter films is among the top 50 highest earning films of all time.

Since finishing the Harry Potter series Radcliffe has branched out into stage acting in London and New York.   He now has a new film role in a romantic comedy called ‘What If’. Radcliffe plays a man called Wallace who has unrealistic expectations of love. He falls in love with a character called Chantry, but she already has a boyfriend. The film is about whether men and women really can be ‘just good friends’.

Critics have generally been positive and have called the film ‘smart, sweet, entirely predictable and engaging’.


to be cast               to be given a film/theatre role

to branch out         to try something new

a critic                    someone who writes about films

predictable              you can easily guess what will happen

engaging                 not boring, you want to keep watching