The Apple Watch

Yesterday was an exciting day for people who love new technology. Apple unveiled its latest product – the Apple Watch. Of course, it’s not just a watch. It acts as a health and fitness trainer and it can communicate with your iPhone. The display part of the watch is a touch screen which you operate with your fingers. For some functions you use a light tap with your finger and for other functions you press harder. You can choose from three different editions of the watch and Apple are confident that their new product will generate a lot of interest around the world.

No-one would deny that Apple are good at making devices that are powerful, look good, and are easy to use. However, only time will tell if the Apple watch will be as successful as their other products such as the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.


to unveil             to show for the first time

a device             a small machine

to deny              to say that something is untrue