Dangerous Barbecues

In the past, a picnic in the countryside was a typical family treat. This was usually just some sandwiches, some fruit and maybe some cake or biscuits. Nowadays, having a barbecue in the garden is something that most British people love to do during the summer months. It’s a chance to relax and spend time with friends or family outdoors in the sunshine. Sometimes it’s just a simple barbecue of burgers or sausages or it can be something more ambitious, such as a piece of fish or a joint of meat.

Unfortunately it seems that cooking on a barbecue can be a health risk. A recent survey of 2000 people found that 94% of them don’t really know how to tell when food is ready to eat and 21% believe they have been ill due to something they cooked on a barbecue. Food poisoning caused by uncooked meat is the most common problem.


a risk             a possible danger

a survey       using questionnaires to find information