The Great North Run

The Great North Run takes place every September in the north of England. It’s a half marathon, which is a course of just over 13 miles. The race starts in the city of Newcastle and finishes in the coastal town of South Shields.

This year, about 57,000 people from over 40 different countries took part in the annual event.   The winner was a British man called Mo Farah who finished the course in exactly one hour.

The weather was perfect for this year’s race and thousands of supporters were cheering as the runners went past. The crowds also enjoyed some group dancing, live music and a floating sculpture.

As well as being an important sporting event, many runners raise millions of pounds for charities and worthy causes.



a marathon             a 26 mile race

to cheer                   to shout to encourage a sportsman

a charity                   an organization which collects money to help people in need

floating                     resting on water

worthy                     good, important, to be respected