An exciting tennis match

Last night in New York there was a gripping three and a half hour tennis match between two top players – Scotland’s Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic from Serbia. The pair were playing in the US Open quarter-finals and in the end Murray lost the match in four sets.

Andy Murray was born in Glasgow, Scotland and is 27 years old. He is Britain’s number one player having won the famous Wimbledon Championships and an Olympic gold medal in 2013. For the first part of his career his tennis coach was his mother, Judy Murray, who was a successful player in the past. His brother James is also a tennis player.

Murray has recently become the sixth man in tennis history to win over $30 million in prize money. Last year he suffered a serious back injury which needed surgery, but he has now fully recovered.


gripping          exciting

a set               6 games of tennis

surgery            an operation in hospital

recovered         become well again