The Cloud – is it safe?

When computer experts talk about the cloud, they are not referring to the weather. For them, the cloud is a network of servers operated by web applications, which can be used without installing them on your own computer.   You can use the cloud to check your e-mail, share documents and store files.

This week a group of celebrities in America claim that personal photos have been illegally downloaded from the Cloud and published. This has raised serious questions about the safety of storing photos and documents in the cloud.

One explanation for the hacking is that all the celebrities had weak passwords allowing the hacker simply to guess them and log in. Apparently, we should choose passwords which aren’t based on real words and which include punctuation marks, capital letters and numbers.


the cloud               a network of computer servers

celebrities              well-known people such as singers and actors

illegally                   against the law

hacking                  to log into someone’s account without them knowing

punctuation            for example   !   ,   .    “