Expensive Pets

It’s a well known fact that Britain is a nation of animal lovers and recent research shows that many people are willing to spend thousands of pounds on their pets. Dogs are the most popular and the average cost of keeping a dog is around £350 per year. However, apparently one in 20 people treat their animals like children and spend an amazing £10,000 per year taking care of them.

Most dog owners are happy to let their dogs live inside the house rather than outside, and 30% permit their dogs or cats to actually sleep with them in their beds.

As well as caring for their pets, Britain also has a wide range of charities which raise money to help animals which are ill or have been mistreated. There are charities for birds, horses, dogs, cats and donkeys. Whenever an animal appears in a news story the response is usually huge and people generally donate large amounts of money to save the animal.


a charity                   an organisation which collects money to help people

to raise money          to ask for money from the public

to donate                  to give money

huge                         very big