Number 18

Bad news for fans of Nutella

Nutella is the brand name of a popular spread made from hazelnuts and chocolate. The spread was first made in Italy but has become increasingly popular over the last 40 years, especially with children. It is now eaten for breakfast in 150 countries, including Britain.

Nuts, of course, are an important ingredient and 70% of the world’s hazelnuts come from the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Unfortunately, six months of poor weather including a late winter, frosts, storms and an unusually hot summer, has caused serious damage to the nut crops. As a result, many chocolate products which contain nuts are expected to be hit by large price increases and shortages as Turkey faces its worst season ever. The company which produces Nutella, says that it is confident that the spread will continue to be available.


an ingredient                       something needed for cooking

a frost                                 a ground temperature below zero degrees, a white covering

a crop                                  something which is grown for food

a shortage                           not enough of something