A new arrival at the Zoo

Staff and visitors to Edinburgh Zoo are currently waiting with anticipation. Tian Tian, the only female giant panda living in the UK, is thought to be pregnant. The panda arrived at Edinburgh Zoo three years ago on loan from China. The agreement is that Tian Tian will stay at the zoo for a decade, and will then return to China.

Unfortunately there is no way of being 100% certain that the panda is pregnant. However, her hormone levels are being checked regularly and the results show a strong indication that she is expecting a cub. Staff at the zoo have also been monitoring Tian Tian’s behavior. They say that she has become increasingly sleepy and spends more time in her private den. Also, she has lost her appetite for bamboo meals. All these changes in behaviour are, according to experts, clues that a birth is imminent. If all goes well, there could be a panda cub in Edinburgh by the end of the month.


pregnant               expecting a baby

a decade               10 years

a cub                     a baby bear

a den                    a shelter, a place where animals sleep

imminent              expected at any time