What is a car boot sale?

If you visit any English town or village this weekend you may well see a sign saying ‘Car Boot Sale’.  It’s a popular pastime for English people, and as this weekend is a national holiday, there will be lots of sales all over the country.

A car boot sale is where people load all their unwanted items into the boot of their car. This could be clothes, toys, books, old CDs, garden tools or even small items of furniture. To have a place at the sale you have to pay a fee, usually around £10, and then you unload your items from your car boot onto a table and try to sell them.

Many people love these sales of second-hand products. The prices are low and if you are lucky you can pick up a real bargain.



 the boot                     the storage area of your car

a fee                           a charge, a fixed amount of money

second hand                not new, used

a bargain                     a good price