Baking cakes on TV

One of the most popular TV programmes in the UK at the moment is called ‘The Great British Bake Off’. Twelve people are chosen to take part in the series and each week they have three baking challenges. Baking can be anything cooked in an oven but it’s usually cakes, biscuits, pies or bread.

The people in the programme are not professional chefs. Most of them are just ordinary people who enjoying baking. Each week they have to follow difficult instructions and try to create the best products. Sometimes they do well and the judges give them high marks. Other times everything goes wrong and their baking is a disaster.

No-one is quite sure why the programme is so popular, but when the Bake Off is on TV the supermarkets report sharp increases in the sales of baking ingredients such as eggs, flour and sugar.


USA spelling – program         UK spelling – programme

a challenge                           a difficult task

ingredients                           the food products needed to cook something

a sharp increase                   a sudden increase