Search for a missing bell

Divers in the town of Yangon in Burma are trying to find one of the largest bells ever made. The bell weighs 250 tonnes and is made of bronze. It was made for a King in 1476 but the boat carrying the bell sank in the Yangon River and disappeared forever.

Groups of divers have been trying to find the historic treasure for years. It is believed to be hidden under the mud, deep below the water. More than 70 divers are taking part in the latest mission. So far they have not managed to find anything because of the thick mud. The divers wear goggles and safety ropes as they jump into the fast flowing water. The project will last for 45 days and will cost about $200,000.


to dive           to enter water, head first

bronze           a brown metal made from copper and tin

to sink           to go down slowly, usually in water

Irregular verb:   sink    sank    sunk

goggles          protective glasses for swimming or skiing

to take part in       phrasal verb:  to participate in something