A roller coaster ride to remember

People all over the world love going to amusement parks to ride on roller coasters. In many languages they are called ‘Russian Mountains’. The combination of fear and excitement as the ride rushes round the track makes people laugh and scream at the same time.

However, riders on a roller coaster in Maryland, USA got more excitement than they expected this week. The roller coaster, which usually travels at 60 miles per hour, suddenly stopped in the middle of a ride and twenty-four passengers, including some children, were stuck on the ride, 75 feet about the ground.

Firefighters quickly arrived and the passengers were give food, water and sun cream while they waited to be rescued. Luckily there were no injuries and eventually everyone was safely rescued. The ride will be closed until the cause of the breakdown is discovered.


amusement park             a park with rides, such as Disney Land

an injury                         damage to your body

eventually                       after a long time