A hurricane hits Britain

A hurricane is a tropical storm, which usually brings strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. These storms usually form over the sea near hot countries and can also cause high waves, tornadoes and floods.

Although Britain is clearly not a tropical country, the effects of hurricanes can sometimes be experienced here. This week, Hurricane Bertha swept across the country and caused chaos. Many parts of England were hit by strong winds and torrential rain and a small tornado passed through the city of Hull in the north of England.

In other parts of Britain homes were flooded, travellers were delayed and festivals and sporting events were cancelled because of the bad weather. In some places more than one month’s rain fell in just a few hours. Many trees were also damaged or blown down by the powerful wind.



lightning                                  the flashes of light during a storm

torrential rain                            very heavy rain

thunder                                   the sound heard during a storm

 a flood                                     when rain or river water comes over land

swept                                      to sweep   to move very quickly