A monkey ‘selfie’

Everyone knows that turning your camera or phone around and taking a photo of yourself is a fun way of capturing a moment with your friends. Pictures taken in this way are called ‘selfies’ and usually people take them and then upload them onto social networking sites such as Facebook.

However, for the first time ever, it seems that a monkey has taken a selfie. A British photographer was travelling around Indonesia in 2011 taking photographs of wild monkeys for a nature magazine. As he was working, one of the monkeys approached him, picked up a camera and accidentally took hundreds of photos of itself. Most of them were of the sky or the floor or the jungle, but some of the photos were perfect monkey selfies.

Now the photos are famous and you can see them on the internet. However, the problem is trying to decide who owns the photos. Do they belong to the photographer, or to the monkey who actually pressed the shutter?


A selfie:            a photo you take of yourself

A shutter:        the button on a camera that you press to take a photo

to capture:       to catch and keep something

a wild animal:   living freely, not controlled by humans