Drama on a railway platform

A dramatic accident occurred on a railway platform in Perth, Australia recently. A man was travelling to work and he stepped onto a busy train. Unfortunately he slipped backwards and as he fell, his leg became trapped between the train and the platform and he was unable to move.

Staff at the station immediately came to help and started to think of ideas to rescue him. The first idea was for all the passengers to stand on one side of the train to try to free his leg, but it didn’t work. The next idea was for all the passengers to stand in a long line and push the heavy train. They all pushed together and suddenly he was able to pull his leg free.

The man was examined by doctors. He was obviously very shocked, but luckily he was not hurt and he continued his journey.

If you travel on the underground in London you will often hear the words “mind the gap”, warning passengers to be careful as they get on and get off the train.


a commuter:               someone who travels to work by train or car

a gap:                         the space between two things

hurt:                           injured