Playing frisbee – it’s not just for kids

The great thing about playing frisbee is that you can play it anywhere – in your garden, on the beach or in the park. The only equipment you need is a flat, plastic disc and unlike most games, any number of people can play.

However, you might not realise that playing frisbee can be a serious sport. ‘Ultimate’ is the name of a team sport played with a frisbee and it’s beginning to catch on around the world.

The game began in the USA in the 1960s and now it’s particularly popular with students. In some ways, Ultimate is similar to American football. The aim is to get the frisbee from one end of the pitch to the other to score a goal, which is worth one point.

Of course, it’s not an Olympic sport yet – but it has been officially recognised by the Olympic committee, so anything is possible.


a pitch:    the place where you play football, hockey, rugby etc

to catch on:  to become popular (phrasal verb)