Are we addicted to our phones?

A new study has found some interesting information about digital technology, such as computers and mobile phones. Research shows that the average UK adult now spends more time using their electronic gadgets than they spend sleeping.

The report also found that most teenagers prefer sending text messages and using social networking sites to talking on the phone. In contrast, adults spend one fifth (1/5) of their communication time actually making calls.

Young people aged 14 – 15 years old now have the best understanding of digital technology and they spend an average of three hours a day glued to their smartphones. Even the older generation are becoming hooked on technology as 22% of people over 65 now own a tablet computer. Without doubt, digital technology is transforming our lives.


There is one phrasal verb in the text

Hooked on:   addicted to

glue:  you use glue to stick things together

glued to:  stuck together