Story about a very brave Postman

In a small town near Manchester in the north of England, a postman showed his courage and bravery.

As he was delivering letters in the town he came across a lot of noise and smoke outside a house. The house was on fire and one of the neighbours was already trying to rescue the family who lived in the house. Someone had found a ladder and was trying to reach the children, who had been sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. The postman threw down his bag of letters and ran to the front door of the house. He kicked the door with his foot and managed to help the family escape from the burning house.

After several minutes the fire crews arrived and put out the fire. Together, the neighbours and the postman did a tremendous job and helped to save the lives of the family. The fire was probably caused by an electrical fault in the living room of the house. The firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze.


There are two phrasal verbs in the text:

to come across:   to discover by chance

to put out a fire:  to extinguish a fire