Jestem z Polski!


Jestem z Polski

I’m from Poland


Jestem Polakiem

I’m Polish


Pochodzę/Jestem z Warszawy

I’m from Warsaw


Pochodzę/Jestem z Karakowa

I’m from Krakow


Pochodzę/ Jestem z Gdańska –

I’m from Gdansk


Jestem zamężna/ Jestem żonaty

I’m married


Jestem siglelką / Jestem singlem

I’m single


Mam 2 dzieci

I have 2 children


Teraz mieszkam /żyję w Anglii

I live in England now


Pracuję w Londynie

I work in London


Pracuję w Bostonie

I work in Boston


Przybyłem do Angli 6 miesięcy temu

I came to England 6 months ago


Przybyłem/ przyjechałem do Anglii 5 lat temu

I came to England 5 years ago



Improve your listening – The lost wallet


A wallet is something most men use to carry their important items such as their money, driving licence and credit cards.   Losing your wallet can be a real problem.

One man who lost his wallet had a real surprise when someone contacted him and returned it to him. The surprise was, that he had lost it almost 70 years ago.

Edward Parker was an electrician when he was young and one day he dropped his wallet behind a bookcase while he was working in 1950. The wallet stayed there until this year when a builder was doing some work and he moved the bookcase. He managed to find Edward Parker and return the wallet to him.

Edward is now 89 years old but he was very happy to be reunited with his wallet as it contained some photos of his mother, his wife and his father.


a wallet a small case for carrying bank notes and bank cards

an electrician a person who works with electricity

to reunite to bring 2 things together

King Richard III


Richard III was King of England from 1483 until he died during a battle in 1485. Nobody can be really sure what he was like as a King, but in the play that Shakespeare wrote about him, Richard III had a very bad reputation for being cruel.

After his death he was buried in the ground but for hundreds of years nobody was quite sure exactly where. Then, in 2012 some work was done on a car park in the English city of Leicester. Using some special radar equipment a skeleton was found and after many scientific tests it was agreed that the body of King Richard III had been found.


a battle:   a military fight

cruel:   violent and aggressive noun: cruelty

to bury:   to put something into the ground past simple: buried

a skeleton:   the bones of a person or animal

Can you play Scrabble?


Before the invention of computer games, board games were a popular pastime for both children and adults and the game of Scrabble is one of the most popular. It’s a word game and it was first sold in the UK back in 1955. The Scrabble board is divided into squares and players score points by making words and placing them on the board. Scrabble is now sold in 121 countries and is available in 29 different languages.

Some of the best Scrabble players from all over the world are in London at the moment competing to become World Scrabble Champion. A 14-year-old boy has become the first British player to win the World Youth Scrabble Championship. After the competition he said he was “unbelievably happy” but had no idea how to spend the $1,000 cash prize.


a pastime a hobby

youth under 18

Wasting Electricity


Many British people complain about their electricity bills, but an investigation has shown that British homes are wasting £1.7 billion every year. The main cause is leaving TVs, games consoles and other household appliances on standby instead of turning everything off when not in use.

Research shows that 75% of households lose £80 just by not properly switching off their TV sets while 40% of games players waste another £30 by leaving their consoles plugged in. The size of the TV also makes a difference as the larger screens use more energy.

Other reasons why energy is wasted is leaving lights on in rooms when no-one is at home and using old fridges and freezers which are not energy efficient. As well as wasting electricity, leaving appliances on standby can also be a fire risk.


on standby:   on reduced power mode

a household:   a group of people or a family living together

appliances:   small machines which require electricity


Visiting art galleries


Although Britain has hundreds of art galleries located all over the country, it appears that nearly 25% of the population have never visited one.

A company recently carried out a survey of 1000 people and the results are quite surprising. Among 16 – 34 year olds, one in six people thought that the famous Italian painter Botticelli was actually a footballer. Also, many of the people interviewed did not recognise the pictures of famous paintings they were shown. These included one of the world’s most famous paintings – The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Most art galleries in Britain have free entry, including some of the most impressive art galleries in London such as the National Gallery and the Tate Gallery. However, it seems that many British people just aren’t interested in art.

Improve your listening: A London Festival


The Notting Hill Carnival is a 3 day festival which takes place in West London every August. The carnival has attracted around one million people in the past years, making it one of the largest street festivals in the world.

The carnival is organised by the West Indian community and every year the streets of West London come alive with the sounds, tastes and smells of the Caribbean with food such as jerk chicken, goat curry and fried plantain.

Music is also at the heart of the Notting Hill Carnival, with traditional and contemporary sounds filling the air for miles around. Stages also feature local bands as well as top international artists from around the world.

The only problem is the English weather.  Sometimes the festival is warm and sunny but of course sometimes the weather is rainy and chilly, with a temperature of just 17 degrees!


contemporary: current, modern

stage: a raised area for performers

chilly: slightly cold

4. Elementary English: Directions

Repeat the sentences after me:




Turn left.

Turn right.

Go straight ahead.

Cross the road.

Follow the road for 3 miles.

The bank is opposite the school.

The school is next to the supermarket.

The journey takes 20 minutes.

3. Elementary English: Places in a town


Repeat the questions after me:



Where is the police station?

Where is the library?

Where is the park?

Where is the museum?

Where is the railway station?

Where is the shopping centre?

Where is the tourist office?

Where is the town centre?